Dr Shi Joyce Sim (PI, She/her)

Kamchatka 2013

I am a geodynamicist working on two-phase flow magma dynamics at tectonic boundaries such as subduction zones and mid-ocean ridges. I am a research scientist at the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Institute of Technology. At Scripps Institution of Oceanography, I worked on understanding the depth of mid-ocean ridges through Earth’s evolution and the two-phase study of melt focusing at mid-ocean ridges with advisors Dave Stegman, James Day and Marc Spiegelman. As a Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO) postdoctoral fellow at Carnegie Institution for Science, I worked on carbon fluxes at subduction zones employing a combination of two phase flow and geochemical thermodynamics with Erik Hauri. CV

I highly encourage everyone in Geoscience to take a look at the online program for Unlearning Racism in Geoscience or URGE. It is an 8-session “community-wide journal reading and policy-design curriculum to help Geoscientists unlearn racism and improve accessibility, justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (AJEDI) in our discipline.” Even if you did not get to take part, all the paper readings, video interviews and deliverables by all the Pods across the country/globe are posted on the website. I am happy to chat/discuss if you want as I am continually learning too :)

Mitchell McMillan (Postdoctoral Scholar May 2022 – Present)


I am a geologist interested in the interactions among tectonics, lithology, and erosion that control the evolution of Earth’s surface. My research includes geologic mapping and eolian geomorphology in the Central Andes, geodynamic modelling, and low-temperature thermochronology. My current focus is on understanding the behavior of aqueous fluids in continental subduction zones, especially as they facilitate chemical reactions in the upper plate. Reactions such as eclogitization and flux melting may be significant drivers of the geodynamics of mountain belts. Website

Allen Moore (Georgia Tech Undergraduate research Spring 2022 – Present) PURA award


I am a third-year Physics major at Georgia Tech, with particular interests in computational physics and nonlinear dynamics. I am excited to see how my physics education can be applied to geophysical systems!

Rosen Ting-Ying Yu (Georgia Tech Undergraduate research Fall 2021 – Present) PURA award


I am a junior at Georgia Tech majoring in Electrical Engineering. My passion for computational simulations and eath science inspired me to apply my engineering background to learn more about the geophysics of the Earth.

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Casey Vigil Smith (Summer REU Programme 2022)

Hey! I am Vigil Smith, from Harding University. I will be working on understanding how regularization of bulk viscosity affect melt transport beneath mid-ocean ridges here at Georgia Tech for the Summer REU. See ya Planetside!

Keneni Godana (Summer REU Programme 2021) Now a graduate student at UCSC

Keneni is a rising Earth Science senior at University of illinois, Chicago and will be working on understanding how radiogenic heating affected seafloor subsidence and therefore ocean basins during the early Earth as part of the Georgia Tech EAS Summer REU program. Keneni will be presenting this work at AGU Fall meeting 2021.

Susan Harrison (Georgia Tech EAS Undergraduate Summer research 2021) Now a graduate student at Georgia Tech

Susan is an EAS undergraduate who will work on understanding spectral differences from magma waves between symmetric and asymmetric two-phase flow mid ocean ridge models. Susan will be presenting this work at AGU fall meeting 2021.